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Re: Suzuki Carry Conversions

Postby alanbirt » Mon May 01, 2017 3:25 pm

I bought my Carry campervan new for £14,000 in Jan 2006, a few months after my dearly-beloved wife had suddenly died. I recall the cost was £8,000 for the Carry and £6,000 for the conversion to a single-berth campervan. As a then-recent widower it was purchased to give me a 'new life' during the succeeding summers and it has done this admirably.

I have now enjoyed over ten summer seasons 'gadding about' the UK, Ireland and the near continent (Denmark; Germany; and France), happily touring around in my campervan. Most trips are for a week or ten days. The longest has been 15 days. A tour all around the edge of Scotland on the coastal roads was a fascinating journey. The vehicle has now travelled 88,235 miles.

I pay the road-tax only from May until September, for the rest of the year it is in a garage on SORN. I've just paid £132 for 6-months road-tax today but shall declare SORN on 30th Sep and reclaim one-months tax. Now commencing my twelfth season, I have already booked for ten days in Ireland later this month and for a week in the Shetland Islands, via the ferry from Aberdeen, in June. I have never stayed on a campsite and have always done 'wild-camping' (which I believe is the appropriate term).

I reckon that after my tenth season I'd had my money's-worth from the vehicle and, in effect, the initial cost had been 'used up'. So, besides the routine running costs, I had utilised £1,400 of the capital value each year. Considering the amount of fun, enjoyment, and pleasurable experiences I've had in those ten seasons, I've received very good value-for-money from the expenditure of its capital-cost. (Many two-week-holidays in the Saga brochure -- with whom I normally book my 'ordinary' holidays -- are priced at about £1,400 so that puts my calculation into perspective) That is why I now regard my campervan as having a notional value of NIL although I am aware I could probably get at least £3,000 for it on eBay. (Each day I look at the Carry prices and of similar vehicles as I have a Suzuki Carry 'permanent search' registered)

For me this Carry certainly was a good purchase: I am very pleased with the vehicle and the excellent service it has rendered to me. I consistently get a petrol consumption of 45 mpg so it is a cheap vehicle in which to make my travels.
Sqn Ldr Alan Birt [War-Disabled ex-Serviceman]
Owner of two Suzukis: a Celerio [16 reg]
and a Carry campervan [55 reg]; formerly
the owner of a Wagon R+ [52 reg]
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